Pompeo Calls Out China and Its WHO Pals for Covering Up a Major CCPvirus Fact..

We’re supposed to trust the World Health Organization to save us from pandemics like the one we’re experiencing right now. Inexplicably, given the woeful performance of the global body in the face of an existential threat, liberals howled when the Trump administration announced last month we were pulling out of the WHO, effective July 6, 2021.

In fact, on the day the Trump administration made the announcement, presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden assured Americans that he would rejoin the group on his “first day as president.”

“Americans are safer when America is engaged in strengthening global health,” he tweeted July 7, promising that membership in the WHO would “restore our leadership on the world stage.”

Full story: https://www.westernjournal.com/pompeo-drops-bombshell-calls-china-pals-covering-major-coronavirus-fact/

Taiwan is battling against not only the coronavirus, but #China and the World Health Organization

Taiwan is battling against not only the corona virus, but China and the World Health Organization. After an interview with WHO leader Bruce Aylward on Hong Kong media, the world has become transfixed with how the Chinese Communist Party has gotten the United Nations to ignore Taiwan, even during the midst of the deadly coron avirus pandemic that came from an outbreak in Wuhan, China.