China threatens US with sanctions over $2.8 billion arms deal with Taiwan…

Chinese Foreign Minister


China will sanction United States companies that sell arms to Taiwan, after Washington approved possible sales of $US2.2 billion ($2.8 billion) in tanks, missiles and related equipment, its foreign ministry says.

Key points:

  • The United States is the main arms supplier to self-ruled Taiwan
  • China’s top diplomat Wang Yi said no foreign force could stop the reunification of China
  • The US Department of State said there was no change to their “one China” policy

In a four-sentence statement, the ministry said that US arms sales to Taiwan harmed China’s sovereignty and national security, but did not provide any details about the sanctions.

China’s top diplomat Wang Yi warned the United States that it should “not play with fire” on the question of Taiwan and expressed anger about the planned sale.

During a visit to Hungary, Mr Wang said that no foreign force could stop the reunification of China and no foreign force should try to intervene.

“We urge the US to fully recognise the gravity of the Taiwan question … [and] not to play with fire on the question of Taiwan,” Mr Wang said.

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