China, CCP has destroyed 70 per cent of the mosques in Xinjiang; built a public toilet…

Chinese soldiers on the street keeping an eye on Uighur women wearing veils Photograph:( AFP )

China’s war against Xinjiang has touched a new law as reports claim that Chinese authorities have built a public toilet on the site of a demolished mosque.

The incident took place in the Atush region of Xinjiang. The mosque in the Suntagh village was demolished in 2018. Two years later, a public toilet stands in its place. The people of Suntagh have toilets at home and the village barely receives tourists, so locals say there is no need for the public toilet.

Chinese authorities know it as well that’s why the new stalls have not even been opened to the public. The bitter truth is China wants to target the Uighur Muslims of Xinjiang. China has destroyed 70 per cent of the mosques in Xinjiang and with this toilet, it is only adding insult to injury.

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Malaysian reportedly involved in organ trafficking with China involving Uighurs…

The man claimed his fees include bribes for a clinic in Manila in the Philippines to perform the operation.

PETALING JAYA • A Malaysian is reportedly involved in organ trafficking by luring poverty-stricken victims from around the world to sell their organs, according to a British newspaper.

The Sun reported that the man had boasted to the British paper that he had masterminded 45 illicit kidney sales.

The report claimed he began using a Facebook group two years ago to buy and sell kidneys, sourcing potential organ donors from the poor.

According to The Sun, the Malaysian has allegedly been involved in the illegal trade since 2010.

His operation was then centred in China in which he had asked patients to leave China within two weeks to “dispose of the evidence” even though they were still not completely healed.

However, the report said the man stopped his China operations in 2016 when he heard that kidneys were mostly taken from the Uighur communities who were held in concentration camps.

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China Uighurs: A model’s video gives a rare glimpse inside internment…[VIDEO]

An image sent by Merdan Ghappar appears to show him handcuffed

As a model for the massive Chinese online retailer Taobao, the 31-year-old was well paid to flaunt his good looks in slick promotional videos for clothing brands.

But one video of Mr Ghappar is different. Instead of a glitzy studio or fashionable city street, the backdrop is a bare room with grubby walls and steel mesh on the window. And in place of the posing, Mr Ghappar sits silently with an anxious expression on his face.

Holding the camera with his right hand, he reveals his dirty clothes, his swollen ankles, and a set of handcuffs fixing his left wrist to the metal frame of the bed – the only piece of furniture in the room.

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US Gov’t Sanctions Secretive Communist Party Paramilitary in Xinjiang…

US China tensions are heating up as the Trump Administration puts sanctions on Chinese officials from Xinjiang, where the Chinese Communist party has built concentration camps for the ethnic Uyghur population. The Treasury Department officially sanctioned the Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps, or XPCC. It’s bee described as a paramilitary farming militia. And it sells things like cotton to Western companies like Nike, Calvin Klein, and Tommy Hilfiger. Essentially slave labor. Find out the full story on the XPCC.


China’s Border Guards Secretly Installing Spyware App on Tourists’ Phones…

Chinese authorities are secretly installing surveillance apps on smartphones of foreigners at border crossings in the Xinjiang region who are entering from neighboring Kyrgyzstan, an international investigation revealed.

Xinjiang (XUAR) is an autonomous territory and home to many Muslim ethnic minority groups where China is known to be conducting massive surveillance operations, especially on the activities of Uighurs, a Muslim Turkic minority group of about 8 million people.

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