Chinese Foreign Minister Pacific Charm Offensive To 8 Nations in 10 days

Beijing has revealed the full extent of FM Wang Yi’s Pacific trip that will encompass Fiji, Kiribati, Samoa, Tonga, Vanuatu, Papua New Guinea, Timor Leste and the Solomon Islands in 10 days.
The tour comes after a security agreement signed with the Solomon Islands last month, with Wang expected to firm up similar agreements across the region.
State-backed outlet Global Times claimed Washington and Canberra’s regional alliance attempts are “doomed to fail”, and that the US Indo-Pacific China containment strategy is “not working”.

Chinese company’s multi-billion-dollar plan to build a city on Papua New Guinean island near Australia

Boats near the shore at Daru Island.
A project as ambitious as building a city on a PNG island would likely be difficult to progress.(ABC News: Natalie Whiting)

A Chinese company has put forward a multi-billion-dollar plan to build a new city on the Papua New Guinean island of Daru, which sits on the nation’s sea border with Australia.

According to leaked documents, the proposal for ‘New Daru City’ includes an industrial zone, seaport, business and commercial zone, along with a resort and residential area, over a 100 km2 area.

In a letter addressed to PNG’s Prime Minister James Marape and dated April of last year, the Hong Kong registered company, WYW Holding Limited, said its “investment and development plan” included “broad ranging ideas” for the development of several areas of PNG’s Western Province, including Daru.

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