China masses the military on the Hong Kong border,

China masses the Chinese military on the Hong Kong border, as Hong Kong protesters and riot police clash.


The US China trade war is heating up as a trade deal remains elusive and Trump hits China with more tariffs.

Huawei may have a deeper relationship with Google than we thought.

Facebook’s cryptocurrency Libra may be a challenge to China.

And China is banning individual travel permits to Taiwan.

That and more on this week’s China news headlines!



China’s army just releases video showing soldiers practicing shooting protesters…

The top Chinese military official in Hong Kong has called the violent protests of recent weeks “absolutely intolerable,” in a threatening speech that coincides with the release of an extraordinary video showing Chinese soldiers practicing firing on demonstrators.

Together, the speech and the video served as a thinly veiled warning to the protesters in Hong Kong that China’s patience is growing thin and that it is becoming increasingly willing to use force to quell the demonstrations in the semiautonomous territory.

“We resolutely support the action to maintain Hong Kong’s rule of law by the people who love the nation and the city, and we are determined to protect national sovereignty, security, stability and the prosperity of Hong Kong,” said Maj. Gen. Chen Daoxiang, commander of the People’s Liberation Army garrison in Hong Kong.

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