Researcher Under FBI Investigation for Allegedly Hiding Ties to CCP

Researcher Under FBI Investigation for Allegedly Hiding Ties to China
Laboratory technicians test amples of blood from chickens for bird flu at an animal hospital in Beijing, China, on Feb. 6, 2004. (Frederic J. Brown/AFP via Getty Images)

A Chinese researcher who once worked at The Jackson Laboratory is under FBI investigation, for allegedly failing to disclose his financial ties to China in applications for U.S. government funding.

Ruan Yijun, a geneticist, failed to disclose his participation in a Chinese state-sponsored recruitment program called the Thousand Talents program and his collaboration agreement with China’s state-run Shenzhen People’s Hospital, according to an FBI affidavit unsealed on Mar. 2. The affidavit was filed in federal court in Bangor, Maine, on Dec. 30 last year.

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Chinese Businessman Indicted For Stealing American Trade Secrets…

A Chinese businessman was indicted for conspiring to steal trade secrets from General Electric worth millions of dollars.

The individual, 64-year-old Chi Lung Winsman Ng who resides in Hong Kong, conspired to steal secrets relating to the company’s silicon carbide MOSFET technology.

“As alleged in the indictment, Winsman Ng conspired to steal trade secrets from General Electric to start a competitor,” said Attorney for the United States, Elizabeth C. Coombe.

“Mr. Ng conspired to steal valuable and sensitive technology from GE and produce it in China,” Federal Bureau of Investigation Special Agent in Charge Thomas F. Relford added.

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China’s CCP Used Secret Microchip to Spy on US Computers…

hacker in a black hoodie is shown with computer code surrounding a monitor

In 2010, the U.S. Department of Defense found thousands of its computer servers sending military network data to China — the result of code hidden in chips that handled the machines’ startup process.

In 2014, Intel Corp. discovered that an elite Chinese hacking group breached its network through a single server that downloaded malware from a supplier’s update site.

And in 2015, the Federal Bureau of Investigation warned multiple companies that Chinese operatives had concealed an extra chip loaded with backdoor code in one manufacturer’s servers.

Each of these distinct attacks had two things in common: China and Super Micro Computer Inc., a computer hardware maker in San Jose, California. They shared one other trait; U.S. spymasters discovered the manipulations but kept them largely secret as they tried to counter each one and learn more about China’s capabilities.

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Scandal-Rocked Lincoln Project Donors Include Romney’s Bain And China-Linked Sequoia Capital…

The Lincoln Project is Not Our Ally. | by Lauren ...

The information shows a dedicated group of major donors mostly from the political left or hard-left, destroying claims made by the scandal-embroiled Lincoln Project that their organization somehow represents Trump-disenfranchised Republicans.

The FBI is now investigating allegations related to the conduct of leading founder Jon Weaver, who stands accused of grooming young men.

The list includes Hollywood types, hedge fund managers, alleged fraudsters, and Mitt Romney’s life-long firm, Bain Capital.

The list also includes Michael Moritz, a Partner at the venture capital firm Sequoia, who donated a sizable sum in three donations in May, June, and July of 2020: one worth $50,000 and two worth $25,000.

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FBI chief says agency ‘deeply concerned’ about any company like China’s ZTE

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – FBI Director Christopher Wray told a Senate panel on Wednesday that the law enforcement agency is “deeply concerned” about any company like China’s ZTE gaining positions of power in the U.S. telecommunications market.

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