China – Problems Abound in Pandemic Prevention Efforts – Frontline Nurse

An illustration of checking people's temperature. (Photo by HECTOR RETAMAL / AFP) (Photo by HECTOR RETAMAL/AFP via Getty Images)
An illustration of checking people’s temperature. (Photo by HECTOR RETAMAL / AFP) (Photo by HECTOR RETAMAL/AFP via Getty Images)

Mismanagement, faulty equipment, and unfair allocation of government compensation were common problems in China’s attempts to curb the spread of COVID-19, a nurse recently told The Epoch Times in an interview.

Liu Fen (alias), is a nurse at a healthcare center in eastern China’s Jiangsu Province. She shared some of the problems she witnessed while treating COVID-19 patients and doing pandemic prevention work.

Bad Quality Digital Thermometers

Liu revealed that faulty thermometers, which were purchased by the logistics division of her institution last year, are still in use.

“Every early morning, medical staff perform body temperature checks [on patients] when they begin a day’s work,” she said. “However, the digital thermometers cannot read temperatures accurately.”

For people who visit the center, they must first go through a pre-outpatient checkpoint station.

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#CCP Block Foreign Media’s Probe Into Origin of CCP Virus Prior to WHO’s Visit

The BBC and the Associated Press (AP) recently reported that Chinese authorities prevented their journalists from visiting mineshafts and bat caves in China’s Yunnan Province, where a team of Chinese scientists conducted research on the source of the CCP virus, which sparked the COVID-19 pandemic.

Meanwhile, the World Health Organization will send a team of scientists to China this month to investigate the origin of the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) virus, known by the scientific name SARS-CoV-2. But the international community has questioned WHO’s role in enabling the Chinese regime to conceal the spread of the virus in the early stages of the outbreak.

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China’s #CCPVirus deceptions have been even worse…

China’s virus deceptions have been even worse than we thought

Fresh evidence published jointly by The New York Times and ProPublica confirms that Beijing has been trying to keep COVID-19 information from the rest of the world since the very start of the pandemic.

On Feb. 7, Li Wenliang, the doctor who blew the whistle on COVID-19, died of the disease he’d warned the world about. While working at Wuhan Central Hospital in China’s Hubei Province, he saw a new version of the severe acute respiratory syndrome known as SARS, which also originated in China in 2002.

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CCP Virus (COVID-19) first appeared in a group of Chinese miners in 2012, scientists say

The coronavirus may not have originated at a Wuhan wet market last year but 1,000 miles away in 2012 — deep in a Chinese mineshaft where workers came down with a mysterious, pneumonia-like illness after being exposed to bats.

Virologist Jonathan Latham and molecular biologist Allison Wilson, both of the non-profit Bioscience Resource Project in Ithaca, arrived at their finding after translating a 66-page master’s thesis from the Chinese medical doctor who treated the miners and sent their tissue samples to the Wuhan Institute of Virology for testing.

“The evidence it contains has led us to reconsider everything we thought we knew about the origins of the COVID-19 pandemic,” Latham and Wilson wrote in an article published July 15 on their website, “Independent Science News.”

Latham told The Post that the coronavirus “almost certainly escaped” from the Wuhan lab.

In April 2012, six miners in the Mojiang mine in southwestern China’s Yunnan province fell ill after spending more than 14 days removing bat feces. Three eventually died.

In his thesis, the physician Li Xu, who treated the miners, describes how the patients had a high fever, a dry cough, sore limbs and, in some cases, headaches — all symptoms now associated with COVID-19, said Latham and Wilson.

How the miners were treated — for example, with ventilation and a variety of drugs including steroids, blood thinners and antibiotics — also resembles how COVID-19 patients are being treated worldwide, they said.

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China’s deception on #coronavirus – here’s how to hold their leadership accountable

Last December, when it became obvious China faced a deadly disease of historic dimensions, Xi Jinping and his government went into damage control mode.

We are not talking about controlling the terrible damage wrought by COVID-19 among humans, but rather the damage to China’s reputation as an emerging global leader, fearing that a carefully crafted, but bogus image would be damaged as more people around the world succumbed to COVID-19.

That damage control has already cost thousands of lives globally, denying the world the crucial time to get ahead of this outbreak, and continues as China engages in image diplomacy, exchanging medicine for influence in international organizations while threatening to cut off pharmaceuticals to countries, including the United States, that refuse to support its false narratives.

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