India-China’s Border Clash Signal a Broader Picture & New Approach Against China, [VIDEO]

India’s border clash with China is unmasking a greater geopolitical situation. China’s growing aggression in Asia is expanding. But India is not putting up with it. From resistance in the Eastern Ladakh region to a closer tie with the United States.

How is this Asian democracy going to play its hand, on the global stage?

We can even make it larger.

How is the US going to play a role in making a regional alliance with India?

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China Stages Bombers And Cruise Missiles As Mountain Standoff With India Continues


The Chinese air force apparently has deployed bombers to an air base in the country’s far west, placing the warplanes within striking distance of Indian forces along the disputed Chinese-Indian border in the Himalayas.

But conditions undoubtedly are difficult for the bombers and their crews.

The H-6 is a Chinese development of the twin-engine Soviet Tu-16 medium bomber. Chinese industry has greatly improved the basic Tu-16 with new sensors, avionics, engines and weapons.

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