After China Approves National Security Law, Arrest Warrant Issued for US Citizen and 5 Others [VIDEO]

Decades of tyrannical rule in China have finally boiled over, with the communist powerhouse now testing how far it can push its twisted definition of law and order.

On July 31, under the authority of the infamous national security law imposed by China’s National People’s Congress, Hong Kong police issued arrest warrants for six overseas activists, including an American citizen.

Authorities issued the warrants about a month after the controversial law’s implementation.

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Chinese Researcher Guilty Of Stealing Research And Treatments From U.S. Children’s Hospital

Former Ohio woman Li Chen, 46, pleaded guilty today via video conference in U.S. District Court today to conspiring to steal scientific trade secrets and conspiring to commit wire fraud concerning the research, identification and treatment of a range of pediatric medical conditions.

“Once again we see the People’s Republic of China (PRC) facilitating the theft of our nation’s ingenuity and hard work as part of their quest to rob, replicate and replace any product they don’t have the ability to develop themselves,” said John C. Demers, Assistant Attorney General for National Security.  “Far from being an isolated incident, we see the PRC implicated in around 60 percent of all trade secret theft cases.  This continued economic belligerence runs contrary to the values and norms that facilitate the success of our industries and countering it remains among our highest priorities.”

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