China’s African Port Prepares for War With the US?; Chinese Student Targeted at Purdue U by the CCP – [VIDEO]

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A Chinese student at Purdue University was harassed by Pro-China students. But the University is fighting back against CCP influence. This is raising an alert to campuses across the country to look at their own problem with infiltration from Beijing.

Plus, The US added 34 Chinese firms to a blacklist over human rights abuse and brain control weapons. With no specific details, we try to tell you what we know about brain control weapons. Then a look at China’s ambition to dominate the ocean. Buying ports left and right, including one in Africa, aimed at the east coast of the United States. What are they up to?

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To Silence Overseas Teenager, CCP Detains, Assaults Parents in China…

Wang Jingyu. (Provided to The Epoch Times by Wang Jingyu)
Wang Jingyu. (Provided to The Epoch Times by Wang Jingyu)

Nineteen-year-old Wang Jingyu was summoned back to China from overseas on Feb. 21 after he criticized the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) for underreporting Chinese deaths during the June 2020 China-India border clash.

Beijing authorities have since detained his parents, who live in southwestern China’s Chongqing, raided their house, dismissed them from their state-run company positions, and assaulted them, in an attempt to force Wang to stop talking to overseas media and go back to China.

On Feb. 27, Wang told The Epoch Times that he couldn’t reach his parents by phone and was threatened by police from Chongqing that they would do worse to his parents if he doesn’t go back.

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