Chinese Spies Have Built a Criminal Stronghold in the West -[VIDEO]

There’s an organization out of the Chinese regime that’s running money laundering operations tied to drug cartels, organized crime, murder, the drug trade, and other crimes, that is also working closely with government officials and other networks of corruption. This operation has found a stronghold in Canada, and is being used in conjunction with criminal operations throughout the United States.

Canada – Behind the Liberals’ Latest China CCP Approach

Chinese leader Xi Jinping and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau during the G20 summit in Buenos Aires, Argentina, on Nov. 30, 2018. (Alejandro Pagni/AFP via Getty Images)
Chinese leader Xi Jinping and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau during the G20 summit in Buenos Aires, Argentina, on Nov. 30, 2018. (Alejandro Pagni/AFP via Getty Images)

Public Safety Minister Bill Blair said publicly last week that China is a main source of the fentanyl that’s fueling a deadly opioid crisis in Canada.

Blair’s remarks marked a shift in the Liberal government’s public tone on the fentanyl issue and China’s role. When asked by The Epoch Times for comment in the past, Blair’s ministry made no mention of China, merely saying the government is “committed to doing everything we can” to address the drug crisis. This stood in contrast to calls by the Opposition Conservatives and Alberta Premier Jason Kenney for Ottawa to hold Beijing to account for the crisis.

Yet in his address at the parliamentary Canada-China relations committee on Feb. 25, Blair still refused to talk about Huawei and security concerns and whether the Chinese telecom giant with links to Beijing will be banned from Canada’s 5G networks.

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Canada votes to recognize China’s CCP treatment of Uighur population as genocide…

Umer Jan attends a rally on 19 February outside the Canadian embassy to encourage Canada in labeling China’s treatment of its Uighur population as genocide.

Canada has become the second country in the world to describe China’s treatment of its Uighur minority as a genocide, following a contentious parliamentary vote which is likely to further raise diplomatic tensions between the two nations.

Lawmakers approved the non-binding motion, brought forward by opposition Conservatives, to recognize China’s actions in the north-western Xinjiang province as a genocide against Muslim Uighurs.

Prime minister Justin Trudeau and senior members of cabinet did not attend the vote on Monday. All other Liberal members present voted in favour of the motion, except the foreign affairs minister, Marc Garneau, who abstained on behalf of the government.

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China and Russia ‘aggressively’ targeting Canadians….seeking political, economic and military advantage…

CSIS director David Vigneault, July 16, 2020.
CSIS director David Vigneault, July 16, 2020. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Sean Kilpatrick

Canada’s intelligence chief warned Canadians on Tuesday that they are being “aggressively” targeted by hostile foreign governments seeking political, economic and military advantage.

In a rare public speech, David Vigneault singled out Russia and China, saying that Beijing was engaged in “activities that are a direct threat to our national security and sovereignty.”

“You may think to yourself, ‘I’m not a national security person. I’m a scientist, a business person, an academic and so on. I’m not interested in geopolitics,’” the Canadian Security Intelligence Service director said.

“Well, I can say with some confidence that geopolitics is interested in you.

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The Canadian Security Intelligence Service is sounding the alarm over alleged CCP attempts to recruit Canadian scientists…

CSIS: China is recruiting Canadian scientists

The Canadian Security Intelligence Service is sounding the alarm over alleged Beijing attempts to recruit Canadian scientists.

The Federal security agency has warned that China is utilizing a scientific sponsorship program with operates with the purported goals of gaining access to international research efforts for the purposes of economically and militaristically benefiting China. Canadian Security Intelligence Service has widely been regarded as an effort by Beijing to steal international intellectual property.

Rebel News has previously reported on the Thousand Talents Plan after it was called into question by U.S scientists and the FBI who described the program as headhunting foreign scientists and having them “sign legally binding contracts with Chinese institutions.”

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China Arrests Another Canadian

Chinese Attitudes to International Law: China, the ...

BEIJING — China has detained another Canadian citizen, the authorities in Canada have said, adding to the high tensions between the two countries’ governments.

The person, who was not identified by the Canadians, was arrested this past week in the eastern Chinese city of Yantai, according to Global Affairs Canada, the country’s foreign ministry. The Canadian being held in custody has received consular services, the ministry said on Saturday.

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Senior Executive of #Huawei Leaves as Company Faces Increasing Scrutiny…

TORONTO—A senior executive with Huawei Canada is leaving his post after more than seven years at the Chinese telecom giant, which has recently been facing increasing scrutiny over its close ties to Beijing.

Scott Bradley, who was Huawei Canada’s senior vice president for corporate affairs, indicated in a LinkedIn post that he no longer holds that position. He couldn’t be immediately reached for comment.

Huawei, founded by Ren Zhengfei—a former officer at China’s People’s Liberation Army—has been cited as a security risk in intelligence circles, due to having close ties to the Chinese Communist regime. Western intelligence officials have raised concerns that Beijing could use the company’s equipment for espionage.

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Canada’s PM condemns China death sentence for Canadian drug smuggler, raising tensions

A Chinese court has sentenced a Canadian man to death for drug smuggling, a ruling sure to aggravate already sour relations between Beijing and Ottawa following the arrest of a senior Chinese executive in Canada.


  • Relations between the two nations are already strained over arrest of Huawei CFO
  • Schellenberg had conspired to smuggle 222kg of methamphetamine from China to Australia
  • Human rights organisations estimate China executions to be around 2,000 annually

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