China’s furious reaction as Australia gets US nuclear-capable bombers..

Australia nuclear-capable bombers, prompting a concerning warning from China.

According to an investigation by the ABC’s Four Cornersthat aired on Monday, Washington has drawn up plans to build a dedicated a “squadron operations facility” at the Tindal air base south of Darwin that will house “six B-52s”.

These aircraft are capable of delivering both nuclear and conventional weapons, with a combat range of more than 14,000km.

The news has prompted a furious response from Beijing, with the former editor-in-chief of the CCP-run Global Times issuing an ominous warning to Australia.

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China warns Australia risks ‘serious consequences’ after jet interception.

china australia jet interception

Beijing on Monday warned Australia to “act prudently” or face “serious consequences” after Canberra accused a Chinese fighter jet of dangerously intercepting one of its spy planes over the South China Sea.
Australia has argued it is not unusual for it to undertake surveillance flights in the South China Sea — a region Beijing insists comes under its domain despite a 2016 Hague ruling that dismissed its claims. Continue reading “China warns Australia risks ‘serious consequences’ after jet interception.”

Chinese spy ship just outside Australia’s territorial waters ahead of war games….

A Chinese AGI spy ship floats in a harbour

A Chinese spy ship that has been closely tracked by the Australian Defence Force has now arrived off the coast of Queensland to monitor joint military exercises.

Key points:

  • Defence sources say the Chinese spy ship is staying just outside Australia’s territorial waters in the Coral Sea
  • International interest is expected in Exercise Talisman Sabre war games involving Australian, US and Japanese militaries
  • Spy ship is equipped with advanced communications systems for eavesdropping

Late last week the Chinese surveillance vessel began making its way south towards Australia ahead of the start of Exercise Talisman Sabre involving Australian, US and Japanese militaries.

Sources have told the ABC the spy ship has now reached Australia’s “exclusive economic zone” in the Coral Sea, but is staying outside territorial waters.

The Defence Department says it is expecting international interest in Exercise Talisman Sabre, but has referred questions about movements of Chinese vessels to Beijing.

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