Chinese Spies Have Built a Criminal Stronghold in the West -[VIDEO]

There’s an organization out of the Chinese regime that’s running money laundering operations tied to drug cartels, organized crime, murder, the drug trade, and other crimes, that is also working closely with government officials and other networks of corruption. This operation has found a stronghold in Canada, and is being used in conjunction with criminal operations throughout the United States.

Chinese Military-Linked Firm Gathers American DNA – [VIDEO]

In 1936, Nazi Germany, already gaining world notoriety for its authoritarian, xenophobic culture, hosted the Summer Olympics. Some 85 years on, the despotic Chinese Communist Party—with its doctrine of “unrestricted warfare” against America and the Western world—is charged with hosting the Winter Olympics. Continue reading “Chinese Military-Linked Firm Gathers American DNA – [VIDEO]”

Chinese Hacking Groups Target German Big Pharma & Tech Companies…

Hacking group APT 27 is suspected of targeting German pharmaceutical and technology companies. (Reuters citing authorities)
The Federal Office for constitutional protection claimed the group is attempting to steal trade secrets and intellectual property. It’s alleged that Chinese hackers may be going after customers and service provider networks too, to infiltrate a number of companies at once.

China – CCP Xinjiang Labor Transfer Scheme Constitutes Crimes Against Humanity

New documents show that the ‘poverty alleviation’ scheme aims to thin out minority populations.

Labor transfers within the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region (XUAR) and to other parts of China meet the definition of forced labor and could be classified as crimes against humanity in an international court of law, according to a new report by German researcher Adrian Zenz. Continue reading “China – CCP Xinjiang Labor Transfer Scheme Constitutes Crimes Against Humanity”

UK Fines Chinese Broadcaster CGTN Over Forced Confessions…

UK Fines Chinese Broadcaster CGTN Over Forced Confessions, Hong Kong Coverage
A worker wearing a face mask uses his mobile phone outside a construction site as the China Central Television (CCTV) headquarters building (back C) is seen in the distance in Beijing, China, on May 8, 2020. (Wang Zhao/AFP via Getty Images)
Britain’s broadcasting regulator Ofcom on Monday imposed financial penalties on Chinese state broadcaster CGTN for airing forced confessions and biased coverage of pro-democracy protests in Hong Kong. Continue reading “UK Fines Chinese Broadcaster CGTN Over Forced Confessions…”

Australians flagged in CCP security files which shed light on surveillance state and monitoring of Uyghurs

A graphic showing a man and woman, passports, the Chinese flag, lines of data and a police badge.
Publisher Janis Manning and former intelligence chief Geoff Miller are among the Australians identified in the database.(ABC News: Emma Machan)

The identities of 161 Australian citizens — including a former intelligence chief, government officials and business leaders — have been exposed in a hacked Shanghai security database which reveals the inner workings of China’s surveillance state. Continue reading “Australians flagged in CCP security files which shed light on surveillance state and monitoring of Uyghurs”

China’s CCP claims US officials’ filed Olympics visa applications

RT News:

Beijing has received 18 visa applications for the 2022 Winter Olympics, despite President Biden officially announcing a diplomatic boycott of the games earlier this month.

The applications submitted have come mostly from the State Department and the Pentagon to provide medical and security support, leaving Foreign Ministry spox Zhao Lijian to slam the apparent political games.

“We once again urge the U.S. side to practice the Olympic spirit, stop politicizing sports, and stop any words or deeds that would disrupt the Beijing Winter Olympics,” he said.

Let the mind games begin…

billionaires’ dangerous involvement with CCP regime; 90 y/o justice-seeker detained + more news…

A 90-year-old in China is detained by police. She’s been fighting for her rights for more than a decade, after her home was torn down by authorities.

Some of China’s richest are now behind bars. That’s after they were recruited by the Chinese Communist Party, and got a little too involved in its internal power struggle.

Is Xi Jinping the cause for the Chinese regime’s aggression? The daughter of Mao Zedong’s secretary says the CCP has long sought global domination.

Beijing is pushing its digital currency to compete on the world stage. It’s going up against the world’s biggest cryptocurrency.

And the U.S. Commerce Secretary is found to own a stake in a Chinese tech giant. The corporation owns messaging App WeChat, which is now under review by the Commerce department.



Australian broadcaster SBS suspends new broadcasts Chinese CCP state television…

Australian Broadcaster Suspends China’s CGTN Citing Human Rights Complaint
A Chinese flag flutters outside the CCTV headquarters, the home of Chinese state media outlet CCTV and its English-language sister channel CGTN, in Beijing, China on Feb. 5, 2021. (Carlos Garcia Rawlins via Reuters)

SYDNEY—Australian broadcaster SBS said on Friday it would suspend its broadcasts of news bulletins from Chinese state television news services CGTN and CCTV after receiving a human rights complaint.

An SBS spokesman told Reuters that programs from CCTV and CGTN would not air on Saturday and that SBS was reviewing a complaint from a human rights organization.

“Given the serious concerns it raises, and the complexity of the material involved, we have made the decision to suspend the broadcast of the overseas-sourced CGTN and CCTV news bulletins while we undertake an assessment of these services,” SBS said in a statement.

A story on the SBS News website said human rights organization Safeguard Defenders wrote to SBS after Britain’s media regulator revoked the license of CGTN due to “serious non-compliance offences.”

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Chinese Communist Party, (CCP) Prepares for War, Collects Genetic Data With Deliberate Intent

After the outbreak of the CCP virus, the personnel of BGI Group tried to distribute its products contacted at least 11 states in the United States to promote testing products to enter government-run laboratories or establish entire laboratories.

U.S. officials are very skeptical and concerned about the BGI Group proposal and its ties to the CCP government. Bill Evanina, the top counterintelligence official, then ordered a bulletin to state governments, hospitals, clinics, and interested groups warning that “outside powers may collect, store, and use biometric information obtained through CCP virus testing,” and that the genetic data would go to an unknown destination. BGI Group has denied any involvement in the conduct in the warning in question.

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China’s CCP Used Secret Microchip to Spy on US Computers…

hacker in a black hoodie is shown with computer code surrounding a monitor

In 2010, the U.S. Department of Defense found thousands of its computer servers sending military network data to China — the result of code hidden in chips that handled the machines’ startup process.

In 2014, Intel Corp. discovered that an elite Chinese hacking group breached its network through a single server that downloaded malware from a supplier’s update site.

And in 2015, the Federal Bureau of Investigation warned multiple companies that Chinese operatives had concealed an extra chip loaded with backdoor code in one manufacturer’s servers.

Each of these distinct attacks had two things in common: China and Super Micro Computer Inc., a computer hardware maker in San Jose, California. They shared one other trait; U.S. spymasters discovered the manipulations but kept them largely secret as they tried to counter each one and learn more about China’s capabilities.

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China’s CCP Could Potentially Eavesdrop on Clubhouse Users

The social audio app Clubhouse on a mobile phone, in an illustration picture taken  on Feb. 8, 2021. (Florence Lo/Reuters)
The social audio app Clubhouse on a mobile phone, in an illustration picture taken on Feb. 8, 2021. (Florence Lo/Reuters)

The regime in Beijing might have access to raw audio data from mainland Chinese users of the U.S.-based audio app Clubhouse, according to a recent analysis by researchers at the Stanford Internet Observatory.

The Stanford researchers speculated that the regime could potentially punish Clubhouse users in China for their speech on the app, given the regime’s history.

Many inside China began using the invite-only app for uncensored discussions, before Beijing blocked it last week. The app says that it doesn’t record conversations, thus giving users a certain degree of privacy.

Chinese users took to the platform for discussions considered taboo by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), such as the suppression of Uyghurs in the Xinjiang region and Hong Kong’s freedoms and democracy.

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Vodafone Suspends China TV From Cable….

Vodafone Germany Suspends China TV From Cable
The logo of British telecom giant Vodafone atop the Spanish headquarters in Madrid, Spain, on July 28, 2015. (Gerard Julien/AFP via Getty Images)

BERLIN—Vodafone Germany has had to stop distributing China’s state-owned CGTN television on its cable services as a result of a media row between Britain and China.

The unit of British telecoms group Vodafone said on Friday it hoped to restore CGTN to its services, but that it currently did not have a valid license to do so.

Britain last week revoked a license that let CGTN be distributed in Britain. That drew protests from China, which on Friday barred the BBC from its television networks and limited its reach in Hong Kong.

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How China’s CCP Exploits Commerce To Curb and stomp The United States

America must acknowledge that every transaction with any Chinese entity may well be a deal with a genocidal regime hellbent on becoming the dominant world power.

China wants the West to know it loves “openness,” “inclusiveness,” and “cooperation,” Communist dictator Xi Jinping told the World Economic Forum on Jan. 25. This is the same Jinping who is perpetrating the Xinjiang genocide and working to crush freedom from Hong Kong to Taiwan and far beyond.

One can understand why Xi’s speech was titled, “Let the Torch of Multilateralism Light up Humanity’s Way Forward.” Economic, military, and political relations with the mostly free world have been very good to China. These ties have enabled a Chinese Communist Party (CCP) that cares nothing for any of the principles Xi claims to espouse to pursue hegemony.

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CCP Asks Biden to Not Follow Trump’s Anti CCP Policies… [VIDEO]

As the new U.S. administration takes office, there are concerns about the next steps in U.S.-China relations and their impact on the global landscape. Will Trump’s hard-line policy toward China change under the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) ‘s slogan of “community with shared future for mankind”, a controversial propaganda used by Chinese leaders frequently in recent years?



China’s CCP Hacked SolarWinds Tech Used By US Government…


Chinese hackers exploited a flaw in SolarWinds software to break into U.S. government computers, according to reports from Reuters. 

“Two people briefed on the case said FBI investigators recently found that the National Finance Center, a federal payroll agency inside the U.S. Department of Agriculture, was among the affected organizations, raising fears that data on thousands of government employees may have been compromised,” the outlet added.

The Chinese-led hack is distinct from the recent Russian cyberattack on SolarWinds, which compromised several U.S. federal agencies.

Among the data potentially included in the hack were “federal employee social security numbers, phone numbers and personal email addresses as well as banking information.”

“Depending on what data were compromised, this could be an extremely serious breach of security,” said Tom Warrick, a former senior official at the U.S Department of Homeland Security. “It could allow adversaries to know more about U.S. officials, improving their ability to collect intelligence.”

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