VIDEO – China’s Sex Blackmail Ring…

A little red mansion in Shanghai turned into a house of horrors after one entrepreneur turned it into a brothel full of sex slaves. How did he keep it running for 20 years?

Blackmail, abuse and a lot of broken promises. Watch this episode of China Uncensored for the empire pimp Zhao Fuqiang built on the backs of his victims, how he evaded law enforcement for so long, and how it all came tumbling down.

billionaires’ dangerous involvement with CCP regime; 90 y/o justice-seeker detained + more news…

A 90-year-old in China is detained by police. She’s been fighting for her rights for more than a decade, after her home was torn down by authorities.

Some of China’s richest are now behind bars. That’s after they were recruited by the Chinese Communist Party, and got a little too involved in its internal power struggle.

Is Xi Jinping the cause for the Chinese regime’s aggression? The daughter of Mao Zedong’s secretary says the CCP has long sought global domination.

Beijing is pushing its digital currency to compete on the world stage. It’s going up against the world’s biggest cryptocurrency.

And the U.S. Commerce Secretary is found to own a stake in a Chinese tech giant. The corporation owns messaging App WeChat, which is now under review by the Commerce department.



Why Did CCP leader Xi Jinping make Jack Ma, founder of Alibaba, disappear, and block a $300 billion IPO, [VIDEO]

6 Tips From Billionaire Jack Ma When Starting A Business

Why did China and Chinese Communist Party leader Xi Jinping make Jack Ma, founder of Alibaba, disappear, and block a $300 billion IPO of Xi Jinping?

It turns out Jack Ma had a dirty secret—Ant Financial had major investors tied to a political faction within the Communist Party of China tied to former Chinese leader Jiang Zemin. He was the guy responsible for genocide against Falun Gong, aka Falun Dafa, and is locked in a deadly battle for power with Xi Jinping. Crime doesn’t Alipay…

China’s CCP Steps Up Online Controls With New Rule for Bloggers

China steps up online controls with new rule for bloggers ...

Starting next week, China’s government will require bloggers to be approved to write on a wide range of topics, including economics, education, health, and foreign affairs.

Ma Xiaolin frequently wrote about current affairs on one of China’s leading microblogging sites, where he has 2 million followers. But recently, he said in a post, the Weibo site called and asked him not to post original content on topics ranging from politics to economic and military issues.

“As an international affairs researcher and a columnist, it looks like I can only go the route of entertainment, food and beverage now,” the international relations professor wrote on January 31.

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Chinese Communist Party (CCP) Steals Korean Technology….

The Nikkei News recently quoted a report submitted to the National Assembly by South Korea’s National Intelligence Service (NIS) as saying that 67% of the technology leaks seized in South Korea in the past five years up to 2019 were leaks to China, many involving the dominant fields of South Korean companies such as semiconductors, displays and shipbuilding.

Samsung Electronics, the largest electronics industry company in South Korea, has been taking steps to avoid technology outflows to China. For example, Samsung employees must disable the smartphone camera and recording function when entering the laboratory or factory; in one of the laboratories, print paper with metal foil to prevent employees from printing confidential information, employees are prohibited from taking the information out of the laboratory without permission, otherwise an alarm will sound when leaving the building.

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China’s CCP Could Potentially Eavesdrop on Clubhouse Users

The social audio app Clubhouse on a mobile phone, in an illustration picture taken  on Feb. 8, 2021. (Florence Lo/Reuters)
The social audio app Clubhouse on a mobile phone, in an illustration picture taken on Feb. 8, 2021. (Florence Lo/Reuters)

The regime in Beijing might have access to raw audio data from mainland Chinese users of the U.S.-based audio app Clubhouse, according to a recent analysis by researchers at the Stanford Internet Observatory.

The Stanford researchers speculated that the regime could potentially punish Clubhouse users in China for their speech on the app, given the regime’s history.

Many inside China began using the invite-only app for uncensored discussions, before Beijing blocked it last week. The app says that it doesn’t record conversations, thus giving users a certain degree of privacy.

Chinese users took to the platform for discussions considered taboo by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), such as the suppression of Uyghurs in the Xinjiang region and Hong Kong’s freedoms and democracy.

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Vodafone Suspends China TV From Cable….

Vodafone Germany Suspends China TV From Cable
The logo of British telecom giant Vodafone atop the Spanish headquarters in Madrid, Spain, on July 28, 2015. (Gerard Julien/AFP via Getty Images)

BERLIN—Vodafone Germany has had to stop distributing China’s state-owned CGTN television on its cable services as a result of a media row between Britain and China.

The unit of British telecoms group Vodafone said on Friday it hoped to restore CGTN to its services, but that it currently did not have a valid license to do so.

Britain last week revoked a license that let CGTN be distributed in Britain. That drew protests from China, which on Friday barred the BBC from its television networks and limited its reach in Hong Kong.

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UK regulator withdraws China TV of broadcast licence..

We are now CGTN, China Global Television Network - YouTube

Britain’s media regulator says it has withdrawn the license for the English-language international channel of state-run China Central Television to broadcast in the United Kingdom.

The regulator, Ofcom, announced the revocation of the license of China Global Television Network, or CGTN, on Thursday.

Ofcom said UK broadcasting laws “state that broadcast licensees must have control over the licensed service — including editorial oversight over the programmes they show.” It added that “under these laws, license holders cannot be controlled by political bodies.”

Ofcom said its investigation concluded that the Chinese media company that held the license for the CGTN service “did not have editorial responsibility” for the channel’s output and so “is not a lawful broadcast licensee.”

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China’s CCP Says Actors Must Follow Moral Guidelines Or Face Bans…

Chinese actress Zheng Shuang is seen on a cover of a fashion magazine at a newsstand in Beijing
FILE PHOTO: Chinese actress Zheng Shuang is seen on a cover of a fashion magazine at a newsstand in Beijing, China, January 20, 2021. REUTERS/Tingshu Wang

BEIJING (Reuters) – China published on Friday a new list of moral guidelines for actors and other performers, saying they could face a permanent ban from their profession if they fail to comply.

Performers should not “violate ethics, morals, social public order or good customs, causing serious negative social impact”, the Chinese Association for Performing Arts, a non-profit organisation backed by the government, said on its website.

Performers should not incite hatred and discrimination between ethnic groups, or promote cults and superstitions, the association said. The new rules will come into force on a trial basis on March 1.

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Zoom Conference on Opposing to CCP Disrupted by Online Trolls

Small toy figures are displayed in front of a Zoom logo in this illustration taken on March 19, 2020. (Reuters/Dado Ruvic/Illustration)

A video conference organized by Chinese pro-democracy activists and held on the Zoom video-chatting platform was recently disrupted by internet trolls. Organizers suspected that the trolls were hired by the Chinese regime.

A group of U.S.-based activists planned for a conference themed around how to oppose the Chinese Communist Party’s [CCP] threats, to be held on Jan. 21 at 9 a.m.

Early on, organizers noticed that a number of users who attended the event wrote offensive comments using registered participants’ names.

Chen Pokong, one of the conference organizers, told The Epoch Times: “They hijacked the meeting room in the beginning, which caused the hosts and registered participants to not be able to join.

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Apple faces protests after censoring for CCP China…

Tibetans, Uyghurs, and other activists held a protest outside Apple’s flagship store in the Carnegie Library, Washington DC this week to protest Apple’s censorship at the behest of the Chinese Communist Party and call for the company to protect free speech and human rights.

The protest was organized by the international consumer group SumOfUs and activist group Students for a Free Tibet. It took place one day after Apple CEO Tim Cook testified to Congress during a hearing on antirust laws.

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China: Man released after 27 yrs wrongfully imprisoned; Bribery record: $200 million + more….

  • Shanghai’s famous TV Tower, which was accidentally given the same name as the city of Hong Kong, was struck with powerful lightning. That’s after Hong Kong police arrested even more pro-democracy activists. Hong Kong media mogul Jimmy Lai and others have been released on bail. The share price of Lai’s Apple Daily skyrocketed shortly after, standing as a show of support.
  • A Chinese official was discovered to have falsified his resume, with somewhat comical results. Based on the fake document, he joined the Chinese Army before he was even one year old.
  • A Chinese state-run TV station is facing consequences, following its broadcast of a British citizen’s forced confession. He made the coerced statement after being drugged, handcuffed and locked in a cage inside a Chinese prison.
  • WeChat users in the U.S. appear divided over Trump’s ban of the Chinese social media app. Both supporters and opposers set up petitions on the White House petition website.


New Documentary Exposing ‘The CCP Method’ | Three-Step Method; LEARN WHY the Chinese Communist Party has lied…

China Communist Party tells members to celebrate ...

LEARN WHY the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has lied, is lying, and will continue to lie to protect its regime, and how it has been attempting to deceive, infiltrate, and dominate the world. Originating in China, the coronavirus got out of control because the CCP hid it and lied about it. Can something worse happen?

Maybe. What if it is not a pandemic that may eventually pass but a fatal threat to our security, freedom, and way of life? After the disastrous Cultural Revolution, the Chinese Communist Party, or CCP, pretended to reform itself so it could attract foreign investment. Now, it is done pretending. It’s critical the world understands the regime’s agenda, tactics, and how to deal with it or we risk being caught underfoot by the imminent dangers it presents. The coronavirus outbreak is the latest wakeup call. With its growing clout the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has bared its claws. From its military expansion abroad to its control of more UN organizations; from its infiltration and coercion of international businesses, universities, news media, movie studios, and governments, to its public assaults on organizations and individuals who dare to criticize it, the CCP is attacking the vital organs of the free world like a political incarnation of the deadly coronavirus.


China Mobile Giants Xiaomi, Huawei, Oppo, Vivo plan platform to take on Google Play…..

SHENZHEN • China’s Xiaomi, Huawei Technologies, Oppo and Vivo are joining forces to create a platform for developers outside China to upload apps onto all of their app stores simultaneously.

This is a move analysts say is meant to challenge the dominance of Google’s Play store.

The four companies are ironing out kinks in what is known as the Global Developer Service Alliance (GDSA). The platform aims to make it easier for developers of games, music, movies and other apps to market their apps in overseas markets, according to people with knowledge of the matter.

The GDSA was initially aiming to launch next month, sources said, although it is not clear how that will be affected by the coronavirus outbreak. A prototype website says the platform will initially cover nine “regions”, including India, Indonesia and Russia.

Oppo and Vivo are owned by Chinese manufacturer BBK Electronics. Huawei, Oppo and Vivo declined to comment for this story.

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Hollywood self-censors to please CCP China: report

To avoid offending China’s censors, the Taiwanese flag was removed from Tom Cruise’s bomber jacket in the upcoming sequel ‘Top Gun: Maverick’. Image: Sky News

The lure of the massive Chinese market has led Hollywood to readily self-censor its films to please Beijing, according to a new report by Pen America, an anti-censorship group.

Screenwriters, producers and directors in the huge US film industry are changing scripts, deleting scenes and altering other content, afraid of offending Chinese censors who control the gateway to the country’s 1.4 billion consumers, according to the report released Wednesday.

The actions include everything from deleting the Taiwanese flag from Tom Cruise’s bomber jacket in the upcoming Top Gun: Maverick, to removing China as the source of a zombie virus in 2013’s World War Z.

But it also means completely avoiding sensitive issues including Tibet, Taiwan, Hong Kong politics, Xinjiang and the portrayal of LGBTQ characters, the report said.

Faced with blacklisting and other punitive measures, Hollywood producers are even censoring films not targeting the Chinese market, in order to not impact others planned for Chinese theaters, Pen America says.

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