China’s CCP Economic Coercion of Australia a ‘Wake-Up Call’

China’s Economic Coercion of Australia a ‘Wake-Up Call’ to World: UK Minister
British Defence Secretary Ben Wallace (L), and British Foreign Secretary Liz Truss are seen during top of meeting remarks ahead of Australia-United Kingdom Ministerial Consultations (AUKMIN) talks at Admiralty House in Sydney, Australia, on Jan. 21, 2022. (Bianca De Marchi/Pool/Getty Images)

The Chinese regime’s economic coercion of Australia has been a “wake-up call” to other countries, Britain’s Foreign Secretary Liz Truss has said. Continue reading “China’s CCP Economic Coercion of Australia a ‘Wake-Up Call’”

Hong Kong to Kill 2,000 Pets as Chinese Authorities Blame COVID-19 Spread on Imported Animals, Packages..

Hong Kong to Kill 2,000 Pets as Chinese Authorities Blame COVID-19 Spread on Imported Animals, Packages
Hong Kong health officials enter a pet shop to cull pets and disinfect the store, in Causeway Bay, on Jan. 18, 2022. (Sung Pilung/The Epoch Times)
Hong Kong officials are killing hamsters by the thousands after declaring the rodents responsible for spreading COVID-19. Meanwhile, in China’s mainland, the blame has been put on international mail packaging. Continue reading “Hong Kong to Kill 2,000 Pets as Chinese Authorities Blame COVID-19 Spread on Imported Animals, Packages..”

China’s CCP Withheld Pandemic-Relevant Data From Public…

By Alex Wu
Internal documents that were leaked to The Epoch Times show that the Chinese communist regime has a large amount of data on influenza and other diseases that have symptoms similar to COVID-19, but hasn’t disclosed it to the outside world. Continue reading “China’s CCP Withheld Pandemic-Relevant Data From Public…”

UK Fines Chinese Broadcaster CGTN Over Forced Confessions…

UK Fines Chinese Broadcaster CGTN Over Forced Confessions, Hong Kong Coverage
A worker wearing a face mask uses his mobile phone outside a construction site as the China Central Television (CCTV) headquarters building (back C) is seen in the distance in Beijing, China, on May 8, 2020. (Wang Zhao/AFP via Getty Images)
Britain’s broadcasting regulator Ofcom on Monday imposed financial penalties on Chinese state broadcaster CGTN for airing forced confessions and biased coverage of pro-democracy protests in Hong Kong. Continue reading “UK Fines Chinese Broadcaster CGTN Over Forced Confessions…”

The CCP Cult Creates Anti-Social Personalities And Cover Up Criminal Acts with The Film “Zero Tolerance”..

The Propaganda Department of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and the Party’s media, China Central Television (CCTV) jointly produced the film “Zero Tolerance,”

Continue reading “The CCP Cult Creates Anti-Social Personalities And Cover Up Criminal Acts with The Film “Zero Tolerance”..”

Intel CEO Doubles Down on Xinjiang Apology: ‘No Reason to Call Out One Region in Particular’..

Sight & Sole WalkFest
Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger doubled down on his company’s Xinjiang reversal this morning: “We found that there was no reason for us to call out one region in particular.”
Intel recently apologized for asking its suppliers to avoid Xinjiang.

Montenegro Probes Chinese Highway Builder’s Damage to Protected River

From the history Files:

The construction of Bar-Boljare highway near Kolasin, Montenegro. Photo:Government of Montenegro
Environmentalists have welcomed the Prosecution Office’s decision to investigate the impact of highway construction work by the China Road and Bridge Corporation, CRBC, on the UNESCO-protected Tara River.
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Video – China’s CCP Disinfecting City of 13 million in Lockdown for CCP Virus..


Xi’an has started spraying the city to fight an outbreak of Delta infections that forced its 13 million residents into lockdown. (Bloomberg)

Authorities are spraying disinfectants across the city and have requested residents close their windows and avoid touching surfaces.

Daily infections have spiked to around 150 for the city on Monday. A fourth round of mass testing is expected to reveal more.

China’s CCP warns; America will ‘face an unbearable price’ over Taiwan policy,

US-made planes in Taiwan
The upgraded US-made F-16 V fighters displayed at a ceremony at the Chiayi Air Force in southern Taiwan on November 18, 2021. Photo: Sam Yeh/AFP

“The US violated the promises made when China and the US established diplomatic relations, condoned and encouraged ‘Taiwan independence’ forces, and tried to distort and hollow out the one-China principle,” Wang Yi said.

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“This will not only bring Taiwan into an extremely dangerous situation, but also cause the US to face an unbearable price.”

VIDEO – China’s Sex Blackmail Ring…

A little red mansion in Shanghai turned into a house of horrors after one entrepreneur turned it into a brothel full of sex slaves. How did he keep it running for 20 years?

Blackmail, abuse and a lot of broken promises. Watch this episode of China Uncensored for the empire pimp Zhao Fuqiang built on the backs of his victims, how he evaded law enforcement for so long, and how it all came tumbling down.

Video – Taiwan War Games: Mock urban battles with China…

Rumble — Troops and armored vehicles were deployed in Taiwan Thursday in a simulation of urban warfare against Chinese forces.

About 80% of Taiwan’s 23mn population live in urban areas, where Army Infantry School instructor Kiwi Yang expects Beijing to wage its battle plans in the event of an invasion.

Last year Taipei recorded 970 incursions into its airspace in 2021, up from 380 in 2020, while the People’s Liberation Army staged its own mock invasion urban battle drills last month according to state TV

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