Beijing Warns Taiwan Against Using People As ‘Cannon Fodder’..

RT News:

The Chinese Foreign Ministry on Wednesday blasted Taipei’s decision to extend compulsory military service from four months to a year. The move will only lead to the island’s population being used as “cannon fodder” to fuel Taiwan’s “separatist” ambitions, its spokesman said.

“Struggling for the great task of achieving national reunification is immeasurably significant, dying for Taiwan independence separatist activities is completely worthless,” the ministry’s spokesman, Wang Wenbin, told journalists when asked about Taipei’s decision.

The official then said that Beijing believes “Taiwan compatriots are highly principled, they will not be put up as cannon fodder by Taiwan independence separatist forces.” His words came a day after the self-governing island’s president, Tsai Ing-wen, announced the conscription extension, citing China’s “intimidation and threats against Taiwan.”

Read much more on Telegram:

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