Escalating Student Protest Trend in China + More …VIDEO
On top of uproar in Beijing and Shanghai, students in another major city protested against strict COVID-19 rules, as a sensitive anniversary is around the corner.
Some Chinese banks are having a hard time processing withdrawals. The issue first appeared in rural community banks but has now extended to a major bank in the country’s capital city.
At least a few Americans have asked a U.S. consulate in China for airlift evacuation. But a source told NTD that the consulate has responded with a firm “no” so far.

Should the United States reduce tariffs on Chinese goods? A group of senators, plus a few other officials, are calling on President Joe Biden not to sign off on the move.

Classic fighter pilot film Top Gun gets a long-awaited sequel. The film hit theaters this week, but an image of the Taiwanese flag has sparked debate—first vanishing in the trailer, and now reappearing on the silver screen.

Topics in this episode:
Beijing Banks Struggle to Process Withdrawals
Americans Struggling to Leave China: Viewer in China
Senators Urge Biden to Keep China Tariffs
Top Gun Sequel Reverses Taiwan, Japan Flag Removal
China, Australia Make Dueling Pacific Visits
UN: China ‘Misrepresented’ Bachelet’s Comments
Beijing Restaurants Struggle Under COVID-19 Policies
Professor: Pursuit of Happiness Is the CCP’s Enemy
North Korea Fires Suspected ICBM

Video Link:

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