China – Farmers Forbidden From Farming Under Lockdown, [VIDEO]

NTD News: On Mother’s Day in Shanghai, Chinese authorities forcibly separated a mother from her son. An expert breaks down why Beijing is sticking to its “Zero COVID-19” policy.

Are China’s food shortages primed to get worse? In some regions, farmers are getting banned from working their fields. Instead, they’re forced to stay at home.Is Washington changing its stance on Taiwan? Two sentences were removed from the State Department’s website defining U.S.-Taiwan relations. The update has drawn anger from Beijing.

A top U.S. intelligence official says Beijing is carefully weighing the Russia-Ukraine war, while keeping its eye on Taiwan.

aircraft carriers from three nations are sailing the waters around Taiwan. The United States, Japan, and China are all maintaining a presence there as tensions heat in the region.
Other Topics in this episode:

Shanghai Authorities Tighten Virus Curbs
Farmers Forbidden From Farming Under Lockdown
US Changes Wording on Taiwan, Angers Beijing
China Analyzing Russia–Ukraine War: CIA Director
China: Taiwan Can’t Participate in WHO Conference
China’s Vaccine Diplomacy Sees Setback Amid Omicron
Aircraft Carrier Groups Gather in the West Pacific
Chemist Sentenced to 14 Yrs: Stealing Trade Secrets
Tesla Slows Factory Under Tight Shanghai Lockdown
China’s Exports Growth Hits 2-Year Low
China Postpones Its 2nd Largest Sporting Event
Man Recounts Forced Labor Experience in China

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