China Update, May 4

Living Shanghai Senior Nearly Sent to Funeral Home +More news emerges from under Shanghai’s lockdown. Workers there were busy loading a filled body bag into a vehicle destined for a funeral home—when they discovered it was still moving.
A wave of tragic suicides hits Shanghai. Driven by starvation and the absence of medical care, more residents have been found dead after struggling under the city’s draconian rules.

Over 80 percent of Americans say they don’t like China. More specifically, they don’t like China under its current communist rule.

China’s Huawei sees a revenue drop. U.S. sanctions on the telecom giant have led to a poor first-quarter performance.

A new report shows China is losing foreign capital. Curiously, the report came from a top Chinese research firm.

Topics in this episode:
Suicides Reported as Shanghai Lockdown Persists
Poll: 82 Percent of Americans View China Unfavorably
Declaration for the Future of the Internet
China’s Huawei Posts Q1 Revenue Drop
Foreign Investment in China Fell 60 Percent
Shanghai COVID Death Toll Not Credible: Expert
Shanghai Finds COVID-19 Cases Outside Lockdown Areas
Shanghai Migrant Workers Homeless Post-Quarantine
China Negotiating to Allow US Regulators Access


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