Will CCP Leader Xi Jinping’s ‘End of Days’ Plunge China and the World Into War?

China is not stable, and Xi Jinping is facing his “End of Days,” as a recent essay by opposition figures puts it (see below). The revolt isn’t in society at large but at the top of the Communist Party. As Gregory Copley, president of the International Strategic Studies Association, told Gatestone, Xi, China’s mighty-looking leader, has an “enormous array of domestic enemies.”

Xi created that opposition. After becoming China’s ruler at the end of 2012, he grabbed power from everyone else and then jailed tens of thousands of opponents in purges, which he styled as “anti-corruption” campaigns.

He also used the disease to great advantage. As Copley, also the editor-in-chief of Defense & Foreign Affairs Strategic Policy, points out, “Xi’s ‘zero COVID’ policy is, indeed, less about stopping the spread of COVID and more about suppressing his internal enemies, both in the public and in the Party.”

Full Story: https://www.theepochtimes.com/will-xi-jinpings-end-of-days-plunge-china-and-the-world-into-war

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