US 2022 Midterm Election Will Be About Holding China Accountable for COVID-19


Free North Carolina: CCP Virus

Republicans running for seats in the November midterm elections are likely to run on a platform that seeks to hold the Chinese regime accountable for the COVID-19 pandemic, said Solomon Yue, vice chairman and chief executive officer of the political group Republicans Overseas.

Yue made the assessment based on the fact that the Republican National Committee (RNC) recently passed a resolution that seeks to have the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) pay damages to U.S. government entities and individual Americans who have suffered financially, as well as those who have lost loved ones, due to COVID-19.

“Immediately, we will be able to support our candidates, House candidates, and Senate candidates to run on this issue, and to hold China accountable for Wuhan virus damages,” Yue told NTD’s “China Insider” program on Feb. 11.

The resolution slammed the Chinese regime for causing the pandemic and for a litany of wrongdoings, including the “arrest and silencing of whistleblowers,” “denial of human-to-human transmission in the face of mounting evidence,” and the “intentional continuation of international air traffic out of Wuhan.”

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