China’s CCP Extreme COVID-19 Rules Force Delta Flight to Turn Back, [VIDEO]

An American Delta Air Lines flight turned back to Seattle in midair due to the new COVID-19 rule that China’s Shanghai airport launched, the airline stated on Dec. 27.

A Delta staff member told The Epoch Times on Dec. 26 that “China’s arbitrary and unreasonable pandemic prevention policy not only sets an insurmountable threshold for Chinese passengers who are eager to go home, but is also unbearable for foreign airlines.”

The majority of the passengers of the Delta flight were Chinese citizens, some of whom didn’t have a valid visa to reenter the United States.

Shanghai’s newly launched rule also caused other foreign airlines to change their flight schedules.

On Dec. 26, two Taiwanese airlines Eva Air and China Airlines both cut down on flights heading to Shanghai Pudong International Airport. They complained that China’s “new disinfection procedures” will hold their airplanes in Shanghai for a long time.

Lin Shu-hung, Eva Air’s chief representative of East China, told Taiwan’s semi-official Central News Agency that the Shanghai airport ruled on Dec. 24 that airplanes from overseas must be disinfected once it has passengers. All seats on the airplane must be disinfected no matter if they were sat in or not.


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