‘Disappeared Dissidents:’ + Is China in Economic Crisis? Getting Answers..[VIDEO]

Citizen journalist Zhang Zhan has been jailed since May 2020 after filming and reporting on the COVID-19 pandemic from Wuhan. Chinese human-rights lawyer, Gao Zhisheng, who has long defended activists and the civil rights of religious minorities, has been “disappeared” since 2017.

What point of leverage could the world use to compel the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) to free or “undisappear” such people? What might compel the CCP to let international tennis star Peng Shuai speak freely about her recent accusations of sexual assault involved a high level retired CCP official?

Pulling off a successful Winter Olympics is a crucial component in ensuring the endurance and prominence of the CCP, and in Xi Jinping’s aspirations for re-election next year. However, increasing global scrutiny of the CCP’s exploitation of women and broader human rights violations could be a spanner in the works for the party’s 2022 Olympic ambitions.

What are the signs that a faltering Chinese economy that could also disrupt the success of this rapidly approaching global event?

WATCH HERE: https://rumble.com/vqbyx9-disappeared-dissidents-is-china-in-economic-crisis-getting-answers…html

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