Chinese Fentanyl that killed my son is also an urgent national security issue:

James Rauh fentanyl china
In honor of his late son, Tom Rauh, whose death from a fentanyl overdose was later linked to illicit supplies from China, James Rauh has founded the Rising Anchor Project to fight against illegally manufactured fentanyl. (Photo by Focal Point, used with permission)

AKRON, Ohio — The opioid crisis became very personal for me on March 21, 2015, when my son, Tom, died from a lethal dose of Chinese-sourced fentanyl. But I also recognize that this crisis transcends the overwhelming grief shared by those of us who have been personally affected by it.

In fact, my background as a chemist and engineer — as well as recent developments in China, where I’ve done a considerable amount of business over the years — has convinced me that synthetic opioids now pose one of the greatest threats to our national security.

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