Chinese Court Rejects Lawsuit Seeking Compensation for CCP Virus…

A Chinese woman surnamed Xu has filed a lawsuit against the municipal government of Wuhan, saying its mishandling of the CCP virus outbreak led to her father’s death. But a city court recently rejected her case without providing an explanation.

“It was the negligence of the government that directly led to the death of my father,” said Xu, a Wuhan resident, in a phone interview with the Chinese-language Epoch Times on July 29. Xu filed a complaint with a local court on July 20.

She elaborated that if the municipal government had accurately informed the public about the outbreak at that time, she and other locals would have taken measures to protect themselves.

Xu is seeking compensation of 1.8 million yuan (about $258,000) from the municipal government for her financial loss, mental trauma, and her father’s medical expenses.

Full story:

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