China’s CCP officials’ $1 trillion secret assets? Food shortage worsens; Virus experts awarded, [VIDEO]


  • Chinese internet celebrities famous for ‘eating broadcasts’ (mukbang) are feeling the heat from authorities. That, as the country responds to the leader’s order on reducing food waste.
  • 4 virus experts in China were awarded with national honors, including the military officer who took over the Wuhan P4 lab, and an expert who denied human-to-human transmission in the early stage of the outbreak.
  • A Chinese netizen described the situation of Chinese people living within the firewall with a video. And other netizens discovered new insights from the scenes.
  • Chinese economists warn that Beijing needs to get prepared for the financial decoupling between China and the U.S.
  • Hong Kong’s police credit union is moving assets to Chinese banks, citing worries over U.S. sanctions.

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