‘All-weather’ $2.6B Chinese made airport in Pakistan fails the test of monsoon…[VIDEO]

A screengrab from a video showing ceilings of Pakistan airport collapse Photograph:( Twitter )

You get what you pay for. Its a commonly used phrase for Chinese products. Most of us are aware of the stellar quality of Chinese products. But Pakistan is not most of us. It is the ‘all-weather’ ally of China. So Pakistan let china build an airport.  The Islamabad International Airport which has been operating since 2018.

The construction of this airport was undertaken by the China State Construction Engineering Corporation. One of the largest state-owned construction companies in China. It took $ 2.6 billion and gave Pakistan one of its largest and most advanced airports.

This airport’s terminal has 15 gates. Duty-free shops, air malls, food court, business centre, cinema, 42 immigration counters and now it has a leaking roof. An entire section of the ceiling at this airport has collapsed.

Full story: https://www.wionews.com/south-asia/all-weather-china-pakistan-friendship-fails-the-test-of-monsoon-321324

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