China eyes Pamir region in Tajikistan..

There is something Beijing wants from Tajikistan. It is the Pamir region. The region accounts for 45 per cent of Tajikistan’s territory.

Why does China want it?

China says that the Pamir has been its part as a part of history. It is something Beijing has said for every territory it tries to annexe. 

It’s China’s well-known skill with alternative facts.

One Chinese historian recently wrote an article. He said China lost Pamir during the last years of the Qin dynasty.

‘Pamir was outside China [for] 128 years due to the pressure of world powers’, these are the words of Cho Yau Lu.

But the research conducted by us said otherwise. What he is claiming is that 45 per cent of Tajikistan belongs to China.

In 2011, China forced Tajikistan to cede 1000 sq km of Pamir land to Beijing.

Full story here:

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