Chinese military made secret visit to Cambodia before mysterious drone crashed…

A group of men in military outfits investigate the done that looks like a small plane with wings at the scene of the crash.

A high-level delegation of Chinese military mapping experts visited a Cambodian naval base in December, three weeks before a huge Chinese surveillance drone crashed in the adjoining province, according to a leaked document obtained by the ABC.

Key points:

  • The drone has revived speculation about China’s role in Cambodia
  • Cambodia’s Air Force says it does not know who owns the military-style drone
  • A leaked document reveals ties between Cambodian Armed Forces and the PLA

Cambodia’s Air Force spokesman claimed to have no knowledge of who owned the military-style drone or what it was doing surveying the southern coastline.

But the crashed drone has revived speculation about China’s role in the South-East Asian nation after reports emerged last year of a 30-year deal to host Chinese troops, weapons and supplies at the Ream naval base.

When US Vice-President Mike Pence raised the alleged secret base, there were howls of denial from Khmer leaders.

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