China; Leak reveals the scale of Beijing’s repressive control over Xinjiang

Chinese detainees in Xinjiang re-education camp

A leaked cache of secret Chinese Government documents reveals how authorities in Xinjiang province red-flagged 23 Australian citizens during a security crackdown that consigned tens of thousands of people to arbitrary detention and mass indoctrination.

Key points:

  • Leaked Chinese government documents relate to the network of “training and education” camps in Xinjiang
  • They shed more light on the system of mass surveillance and detention used to subjugate minorities
  • Details about the operation of detention facilities show they are run like maximum security jails

The documents tell how the Australian citizens were identified among 75 people from China’s Muslim minorities who were singled out in the surveillance sweep because of their passports.

While the fate of the Australians is unknown, the confidential report instructs public security officials to deport or detain those foreign passport holders for whom “suspected terrorism cannot be ruled out”.

Read much more here:

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