Cotton On and Target Australia stop buying cotton from Xinjiang over human rights concerns


Four Uyghur inmates of the Kaifaqu internment camp in Lop county, with their names written in Uyghur, are (L-R) Mamtimin, Aziz Haji Shangtang, Eli Ahun Qarim, and Abdulla Haret. A fifth man, Abduleziz Haji, has also been identified.

Cotton On and Target Australia have stopped sourcing cotton from China’s Xinjiang province due to concerns about mass human rights abuses there by Chinese authorities.

Cotton On Group completed an internal investigation into its supply chain after Four Corners revealed in July that Uyghur Muslims were being rounded up as part of a detention program and forced to work in textile factories in Xinjiang.

Four Corners also revealed that Target Australia was already conducting an internal review into where it sourced its cotton from in Xinjiang.

The Australian branches of Jeanswest, Dangerfield, Ikea and H&M were also revealed to source cotton from Xinjiang, which is described by the UN as resembling a “mass internment camp”.

Cotton On sourced cotton from Xinjiang

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