Hong Kong; Tanks on the streets, Beijing keeps its options open…

A group of Chinese soldiers shouting while grasping bayonets

As another weekend of potentially violent clashes in Hong Kong nears, many people in the semi-autonomous Chinese city and around the world are asking the same question: would China really send in the People’s Liberation Army?

Key points:

  • Analysts say the chances of PLA soldiers descending into Hong Kong aren’t high
  • Hong Kong still has 28 years to go of its One Country, Two Systems model
  • Sending troops would deeply strain a number of diplomatic and financial relations

In recent weeks, the Chinese Government has gone to great lengths to tease the idea publicly.

A propaganda video from the Hong Kong garrison showing troops quelling civil unrest along with a similar large-scale police drill just across the mainland border were hardly subtle in their messaging.

Full Story: https://www.abc.net.au/news/2019-08-09/would-china-send-troops-to-hong-kong-to-crush-the-protests/11392704

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