Western spy agencies being outgunned by Russia, China and Cuba.

A man with short hair and in a black suit with an earpiece.

Western spy agencies are being “overwhelmed” to the point that “bad actors” can “pretty much operate with impunity”, according to a former senior CIA operative.

James Olson, who ran the Central Intelligence Agency’s counter-intelligence arm, says digital technologies make the traditional “tradecraft” used by agents in the field far less effective.

He says the “Five Eyes” alliance — made up of Australia, the US, Britain, Canada and New Zealand — is being outgunned by countries like Russia, China and Cuba.

“We make some hits here and there and bring some of their operations down, but I think it’s just a drop in the bucket,” he tells RN’s Future Tense.

“I think what they are doing that has not been detected is probably far, far beyond what we even fear.”

Full Story Here: https://www.abc.net.au/news/2019-07-29/cia-james-olson-western-spy-agencies-outgunned-by-adversaries/11338096

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