Fiji government to pursue Chinese resort developer for alleged environmental damage

Fiji’s Government will pursue legal action against a Chinese developer for alleged environmental damage, caused by a resort construction on one of the country’s popular tourist islands.

The Ministry of Waterways and Environment says it’s working with the Director of Public Prosecutions to pursue prosecution of Freesoul Real Estate Development.

The revelation follows a New Zealand media report yesterday, that reported both local villagers and environmentalists have alleged the company had dumped waste and ripped out part of a reef without legal approvals, as part of its construction of the resort on Malolo Island.

The Fiji Government is now accusing the company of violating the strict terms of the resort’s development.

It had been permitted to develop a land-based construction and the Government had required Freesoul to drastically reduce the total number of proposed accommodation units, from 351 to 102.

The Fiji Environment Department consulted with the Fiji Hotel Tourism Association to get its input on the proposed development.

Read and listen to full story:



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