Australia should double fighter aircraft and submarine orders to counter China’s dominance

An F35 Joint Strike Fighter in flight in the clouds

One of Australia’s leading defence analysts has warned the nation must dramatically increase military spending — including doubling orders for submarines and fighter aircraft — because the United States is no longer a reliable ally.

Key points:

  • Defence expert Professor Hugh White says Australia needs to increase spending to make up for declining confidence in US support
  • He has proposed scrapping a $50 billion order for 12 future submarines
  • Professor White has also urged Australia to scrap the $35 billion Future Frigate program

Former Defence Department official and intelligence analyst Professor Hugh White said he believes China’s inevitable rise as this region’s dominant power means Australia must urgently rethink its military posture.

“I think [a] really fundamental shift in Australia’s strategic situation is taking place,” Professor White told the ABC.

Full story:

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